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Your A-Z of IPL Betting (2021)

India is a country of loads of cricket lovers and IPL is a great example for the same, no? From every small town street to a big cricket stadium, cricket can be seen and loved irrespective of gender and all the other barriers. Nobody could deny the fact that it is the current interest of millions of Indians. Brands know this very well and that is why they are investing so much money and taking out new applications and ways that work as a sideway engagement along with the cricket.

Same works in the Indian Premier League or IPL as well. Betting is a new way of IPL and people are investing and taking it very seriously. It is a big deal.

In this article, we will be discussing the A-Z of IPL betting in 2021. Additionally, we will also be looking for ways for depositing with the Unified Payment Interface or UPI. This method is becoming popular and more people are looking for better ways. So, let’s get started!

How to bet in IPL 2021?

Well! IPL 2021 has already begun and people are enjoying it. The betting has also begun. Are you one of those who want to get involved in betting in the current year? If yes, then you must know the proper steps because it is not as easy as you think.

There are a few steps that you must learn before entering into the field and winning it like a pro. Researching things and facts from the beginning will not only help you to make the profits but it will also give you the idea for making better strategies.

  • You need to set your budget right. You are going to invest your money, so it is always recommended to make a financial plan before investing.
  • Research well before getting into the actual plot. It is very important to do research and check for the cons too. Everything has its pros and cons, you must look at them and then decide.
  • Understand the teams well. This can make you understand the gameplay and also, you will get to know the right team for you. Obviously, you cannot invest money anywhere randomly. Everybody wants to go with a skillful team who has better chances of winning.
  • Look out for the good players. Obviously, IPL teams have indeed a long list of good players but you may check the recent performances by the top players. It will help you in the future for a better investment.

These are the most important factors to look out for before investing in any team or getting into the field of betting. You need to be careful and stay away from fraud too. In the world of the internet, there are tons of good and bad directions, you need to make decisions very wisely.

Deposit with UPI at your trusted betting sites with ease.

Looking at the widespread popularity of the UPI, many betting sites have this option enabled. Yes, you can now pay with UPI at most of the IPL betting sites. UPI is one of the most reliable options when it comes to online payment. It allows you to pay anytime anywhere within a few of the steps only. There are multiple reasons for you to use UPI while depositing your money at the betting sites.

  1. Cheap: By cheap, we mean that the transferring fees are low and affordable. Even a person can pay it with his pocket money only. There are no extra or big charges.
  2. Fast: The procedure is instant and you will not have to wait so long to get the money in your account. This also makes it reliable, no?
  3. Safe: This is the most important thing that we want for our payment options. We must know that UPI is regulated by none other than the Reserve Bank of India itself. It is highly safe to use.

How to use UPI for depositing on an IPL betting site in 2021?

Now we know that UPI is a forever to-go option, we must learn how to do the deposit using UPI. Here we have given a few steps to make you easily understand the procedure. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: The very first step is to download the UPI wallet on your device.

You can have multiple options in this step. There are various kinds of UPI wallets and you can choose any one of them. After completing the download procedure, you need to give your details to complete your registration formalities.

  • Google Pay
  • Paytm
  • PhonePe

These are the highly recommended ones.

Step 2: Create your UPI or Virtual Payment Address

Virtual Payment Address allows you to do online transactions. Follow the simple steps given on the screen to do it.

Step 3: Get your bank account linked

This is the most crucial step. You already have a bank account, right. Now, what you have to do is to link your bank account with the UPI. You need to move ahead with the phone number officially registered with your bank account and it will get linked automatically.

Step 4: Choose the right betting site for you

Now, selecting the betting site that will work for you can be a little different. There are so many options that can confuse you easily. We have chosen a couple of good sites for you.

  • Rajabets
  • Betway
  • Casumo
  • Bet365

Step 5: Make your account on chosen betting site

Step 6: Simply deposit on the betting site with UPI.

We hope you find it easy and yes, it is much easier and hustle-free than the other ways to deposit your money online.


Technology has reached everywhere and it is making our lives easier. If you are interested in betting, you must go for reliable options whether choosing the right site or using the payment options. We tried our best to help you with the best tips and tricks. We hope that it helps you. Good luck with IPL betting!