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Best Virtual Cricket Betting Sites 2021

Are you in the hunt for the Best Virtual Cricket Betting Sites in the game? No need to be concerned about it as we are here with the Best Virtual Cricket Betting Sites out there in 2021. Virtual cricket betting has eye-catching and spectacular options that would keep the bettors entertained for hours. This type of betting doesn’t depend upon the weather conditions and is advancing with time. While virtual cricket may not have the fame as the world’s top cricket tournaments or sports betting in India, it’s gaining quite popularity as a reliable way to bet on sport. So, let dive deep into this topic and have a look at the Best Virtual Cricket Betting Sites.


Are you in the search of the most impressive as well as reliable Virtual Cricket Betting Sites in 2021? If affirmative then “Rajabets” is one of the best options available in the gambling field. Bet365 has taken over virtual betting and is one of the most favored choices around the world. Clicking on the “Virtual” section will display several options to place the bet on. By clicking on “Cricket” it displays a choice between CLAYTON OVAL (International matches) and GREENWAY FIELD (club matches). The markets are also large-scale, including favorites like Match Winner, Total Match 4s, 1st Method of Dismissal, and many more. The small screen at the top of the page allows you to watch the game. This virtual cricket coverage satisfies the bettors to a great extent and encourages them to continue gambling.


Are u looking most extensive Virtual Cricket Betting Sites ever? If yes then “888sport” is the best-suited option for you. As you click on the “Rush Cricket Go” section you will find various options to bet on for various virtual sports. The likes of England and Australia feature in the matches, where you can bet on merchandise like Match Winner, Both Teams to Score 10+ and many more. On the right-hand side of the screen, you would get three options that are “Match Bets”, “Next Ball” & “Bigger Bets”. 888sport has created a fairly wide range of markets and an environment that would keep the fans of virtual sport more involved.

Virtual Cricket Odds

Are you curious to know about the chances of winning or losing in virtual cricket betting? If yes then no need to worry about it, as we are here with a precise explanation about the odds in virtual cricket betting. Matches are played every four minutes in some cases. The odds changes for every new match. The dicer outside of bet365 will likely offer a variety of betting options shortly, for which you have to keep an eye on the bet365 website.

Virtual Cricket Betting Tips and Prophecy

Here are some tips that would surely help you while betting on virtual cricket:

  • Betting in smaller amounts has always been a benefit to the gambler in virtual betting. As a result, it would reduce the size of your win on the other hand you won’t suffer heavy losses.
  • Do not risk bigger amounts to cover all the losses.
  • It’s also sensible to grasp that whereas a favorite does not forever mean the aspect can win (just like in real sports), there’s some weight behind backing them.
  • As the virtual sports work on RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR (RNG), it all depends upon the luck of the gambler. So choose the team wisely, rather than placing bets on the real-life favorites.

Famous Bets in Virtual Cricket

Just like the other sport on a sportsbook, virtual cricket betting provides you with all of the gambling choices you may presumably ever need. Whether you are looking for the simplest cricket betting sites or are betting with a newcomer to the sport, below are some of the markets you must look out for after you come back to virtual cricket gambler.

Virtual Cricket Betting

Match Winner

This is the easiest way to partake in virtual cricket betting. Here u can simply speculate on the team u think is going to win the match. However, one needs to utilize this market wisely as not always your favored team would win. Hence betting more often on variety is the best option in Virtual Cricket Betting. Of course, if you’re thinking that a serious upset is on the cards, then you’ll back the failure and you are seeming to visualize an honest outcome if they win.

Total Match Fours

As the name of the topic suggests, you will bet on how many match fours will be scored by both the playing teams. The options will either be above or below a .5 value, for example ‘above or below 3.5’. The win in this will make u a good amount of money.

First Dismissal Method

As in cricket, there are numerous ways to get out while on the ground such as clean-bowled, run-out, stumped, or leg before wicket (LBW). In First Dismissal Method, the bettors have to bet on how the first wicket will be taken. For this, you should keep an eye on the bowler’s and batsmen’s strengths and weaknesses.

Runs Off First Delivery

In the game of virtual betting, the run-off first delivery gives you options like under or over 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, or 3.5 runs. This is very hard to predict as the batsman could choose to block the ball or swing and miss or give it a shot.

To Lose A Wicket

For this kind of bet, you will need to gamble on whether a wicket will be taken in this match or not. This is the easiest way to win as it contains two options only that are ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Alternatives To Virtual Cricket Betting

There are numerous substitutes for cricket betting like virtual football, virtual tennis, and virtual horse racing. These are surely reliable substitutes for cricket betting due to their authenticity.

Cricket Betting Advice Final Remark

Virtual cricket betting is a replicated sport that is gaining ground. Seeing back at 2020 as it was a tough time for real sports, virtual sports had gained a lot of attention. Due to the abundance of time in such recent conditions, one should surely give it a try to virtual cricket betting.

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