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Best Cryptocurrency Betting Sites in 2021

Are you searching for the Best Cryptocurrency Betting Site for betting on sports events in form of cryptocurrency? If yes then we are here with the best cryptocurrency betting sites of 2021 for betting on matches using cryptocurrency as bets. The sites like, MelBet, 1XBet, 888sport, etc. allow you to bet using your crypto coins and provide many other features which make your betting experience more convenient, That’s why these are the best cryptocurrency betting sites. But, first of all, get to know some important terms.

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What do we mean by Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of transaction using an online ledger to secure the transaction and does not involve any third-party banking organization. Earlier these currencies were just used for trading purposes, but as the need for a secure transaction is increasing, these currencies will soon be used as digital money for getting daily needs.

How Cryptocurrency Works?

There could be a question of how these currencies work digitally, so here is the answer- Cryptocurrency uses a technology called blockchain technology, which is a decentralized technology extended around a great number of computers, for managing and storing the transaction details. Cryptocurrency also involves the peers-to-peers system and system of encryption. With these tools, the transaction is recorded in a block, and record the time details is a bit complex process.

Is Cryptocurrency Safe and Legal?

If you are thinking that cryptocurrencies are illegal or risky, then it is not true. Cryptocurrency is safer, secure, and more reliable than any other form of payment in the case of betting and casinos.

It is designed to secure your data and transaction details by utilizing SSL encryption protocols by the best cryptocurrency betting sites which are licensed for using it. It does not have billing information of transactions to be revealed.

From the legislation point of view, till now there is no legal regulation on cryptocurrency in India. But, There can be strict legislation on it in the future due to its increasing popularity and trading in the country. So, keep a sideway earning along with the betting as a backup.

How to buy Cryptocurrency?

Now, comes the question that from where to purchase and what is the procedure of purchasing. There are several ways to buy cryptocurrency but the best way is by signing up for an account on cryptocurrency exchange and trading websites. This also leads to confusion that from which website, so we have mentioned some of the sites below for your comfort:

  • WazirX
  • Unocoin
  • Coinbase
  • CoinDCX – for beginners

Signing up for an account on these websites is a very simple process.

  1. First, fill in your required details like bank account details, personal data, etc.
  2. Now Choose your cryptocurrency from the heap of currencies available.
  3. Then pay the amount for the selected currency by your bank account.

And finally, you will receive your cryptocurrency or coins in form of digital storage in your crypto wallet.

How to store cryptocurrency?

ow, A big question arises that how to store your cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is stored like physical notes, in a digital wallet which is secured with the help of a password. There are 2 types of wallets for Cryptocurrency storage- Hot wallets and cold wallets.

Hot Wallet

The wallets that are digitally developed and stored in a web-based system are called hot wallets. These are generally made in your account of Cryptocurrency exchange websites. These are less secure as compared to the cold wallet as if the website or platform get crashed, there would be a loss of your currency.

Cold Wallet

The wallets that are hardware-based and are stored offline in a better secure way are called cold wallets. These are generally USB drives, SD cards, Hard Drives, etc. which make cold wallets safer than a hot wallet.

How to make Cryptocurrency Withdrawals?

This process is much more similar to the withdrawal of cash from an ATM. The following steps will guide you for this:

  1. Get to the Cashier Section of the betting website and click on withdraw. Note that Every Cryptocurrency Betting Website has a minimum and maximum withdrawal limit.
  2. Select your cryptocurrency and enter your withdrawal amount and give your crypto wallet address.
  3. This process is an instant one, you will get your withdrawal immediately.

Also, at the time of the first cryptocurrency withdrawal, it will verify the account by a process of Know Your Customer (KYC).

Best Cryptocurrency Betting Sites

Now, which are the Best Cryptocurrency Betting Sites? There are several websites for the Indian betters on which they can start betting. But, be careful when choosing the platform as many sites are a box of frauds and malpractices. As many do not have time to research the whole internet, here we are with some of the best websites for Indian region betting.

  1. Rajabets is the leading platform for modern sports betting platforms. As it is the most cleanest and trusted cryptocurrency betting platform available to Indian punters. There is also a sport guru challenge given to the most skilled Indian punters for making an ultimate test. Due to its popularity, many celebrities and gamers promote this platform.
  2. Melbet is an international betting platform that accepts betting all over the world including India. It also accepts UPI, Paytm along Cryptocurrency. There are many game types to bet such as E-sports, SportsBook, Online Casinos, and many more. There are also some the casino games like Online Slot Machine, Roulette, Blackjack, Bingo, etc. This platform is available on IOS and Android devices
  3. 1xbet is known to be one of the largest betting platforms and provides a wide range of games such as cricket, casino, kabaddi, cockfighting, etc. It comes with multi-betting functions- live betting, cash out, multi-view betting, live streaming, etc. Users receive huge bonuses along with rewards.
  4. 888sport is one of the earliest gambling companies that started with cryptocurrency betting. This platform is a part of a multinational company called 888 groups that make it more trustworthy and reliable. It’s free to play weekly predictor game that gives a great opportunity to win heavy prizes.
  5. 10cric is the best cryptocurrency betting site for cricket. There are several betting on the events like IPL, Big Bash, Asia Cup, World Cup, etc. It not only organize cricket betting event but also football events like World Cup, European Championship, Copa America, etc. It accepts all means of online payments and cards (Credit and Debit).

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