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Are you searching for the 10 Best NETELLER Betting Sites? Yes! Then you are in the right place. In the next few sentences, we are going to show you what is NETELLER, the best sites for NETELLER betting, risk, how to create an account, and many more things. For betting sites, e-wallets are becoming a better option for payments. Many betting sites use NETELLER. So, after proper research we are here up with the 10 Best NETELLER Betting Sites.

What Is Neteller?

NETELLER betting is a much easier and convenient payment option for online sports betting. Most of the betting sites accept the NETELLER in India. At NETELLER betting sites, we need not give personal banking information. This means it is very safe, and you have to just log in to the betting site for the transaction. It is a global betting site that provides obscurity and comfort.

Is Neteller Safe?

Safety tools of Neteller prove that Neteller is a safe way to bet online in India. Neteller has a secure two-factor authentication system with a unique authentication code. All transactions are safe. It contains multiple firewalls that can give you 100% guaranteed safe transactions.

Making a Neteller Account

Follow our steps guide given below and create your Neteller account.

  • Open the Neteller website and click on “Join for Free” to start the registration
  • Enter your basic details like name, birthdate, and your aadhar no. or passport details.
  • enter your country name and currency accordingly.
  • Proceed with the step. Then you will get a confirmation email. Then completed.

Money Depositing with Neteller

The process is pretty much easy. There are several ways to fund your NETELLER account, such as:

  • UPI
  • Skrill
  • Visa and Mastercard
  • Cryptocurrencies

If you choose any above method, you must pay a 2.5% deposit fee each and every time you deposit.

Verifying Neteller Account

Verifying your Neteller account by following the steps given below:

  • Sign in to the account and deposit a bit of money. Hit the “Verify Your Account” section.
  • Then “Start Verification”. You’ll need your ID, and if you are using the app version, then you will require a camera of your device.
  • Choose the type of your id, and enter your country and verify your location.
  • You can use either the front camera of your phone or webcam of your laptop to have your photo captured.
  • Once completed, it may take a few days to verify.

With a verified account, you will use the site.

Depositing in Neteller Betting

Now the authorities might have funded the account. Hover below for your 1st deposit:

  • Sign in to the site and look for the “Cashier” section, then click “Deposit” for further action.
  • Select the depositing amount method.
  • Log in to the Neteller account, and then press “Submit”.
  • Your payment will be done quickly.

This site has some limits on minimum and maximum deposits. While depositing, complete all the requirements of the site if you want welcome bonus benefits.

How to do Neteller Betting Withdrawals

When you won some bets on-site, probably you will need to withdraw some amount as well. You will feel joy after knowing that the process of withdrawing the amount from this site is very simple. The points mentioned below are some easy steps that you can follow.

  • To withdraw what you have invested, search for the “Cashier” option after logging into your own account.
  • Then, Neteller and enter the money amount.
  • Then you will come to the Neteller login gateway, and login into it, and submit.

Process of Withdrawing amount from Neteller

Now that you have taken hold of bets, all you need to know is how to withdraw. It is simple, and we will tell you how, within 3 to 5 days only, you will get your amount.

  • Select the “Money Out” tab, and select your withdrawal type.
  • Choose the way you want your withdrawal from the “Money Out” tab.
  • Then enter bank details correctly and “Confirm” action.
  • Enter withdrawal amount. Check the box of terms by clicking on “Withdraw Now”, and it is completed!
  • Usually, the withdrawal process is a bit quick, but sometimes it takes time.
  • 3.99% of the total withdrawal amount is your withdrawal fee. Withdrawing to a Skrill account, you can get your amount quickly.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Neteller

As you know, every coin has two sides. There are a bit of pros and cons of using NETELLER at betting sites in India mentioned below.


  • Neteller betting deposits can be made free of cost.
  • Accepted at many sites
  • quick deposits
  • Fraud opposing security measures


  • 2.5% of the fee will cut for your NETELLER account
  • Process of withdrawals from NETELLER betting could be slow

Neteller Accepting Sites

Many sites can accept Neteller for payment. Here, we shall show you the favorite sites that accept Neteller payments which are “Rajabets” and “Bet Winner”.


This is a newly added Neteller betting site, Rajabets is a faster betting platform. This involves over 30 sports. For cricket lovers, this has lots of markets and their country-wise deviation for easy competition.

Football is the main game for the site Rajabets. Every football league is available for making the competitions for this betting site. This is also giving you the option for Indian rupees, and is also very secure. They may be new, but Rajabets is becoming the square and one of the best Neteller betting sites available for betters of India.


Betwinner is a popular Neteller betting site. This Neteller betting site involves many games like cricket and football.

Where Betwinner rocks is its incredible live betting platform available all over the world and with many games involved, allowing players to play many games and many events at one single time. This thing makes Betwinner incredible. Place your betting on the sport and enjoy it. Better features, the safety of users, a live betting section, and many more things make Betwinner one of the popular Neteller betting sites in India.

So, this was all about 10 Best Neteller Betting Sites in this article, we tried to cover all the necessary factors with proper research and brought 10 Best Neteller Betting Sites. We hope that this article will impress you. So, if you like this writing then share our article.